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    To Have and Hold

    In an increasingly virtual and digital world, Hereafter is proud to create products that can be held, appreciated, and remembered. Building on the success of a single wooden card, every new product—from the simplest of ornaments to our most intricate keepsake boxes—goes through a time-tested process to ensure that it will be a joy to keep for years to come.

    Iterative Design

    Anything worth keeping begins with a good idea and a good idea can come from anywhere. We are a team of multitaskers sharing freely, contributing equally, and working creatively to maintain the high standards that continue to define our brand.

    We start every design with a sketch. It’s a manual process that takes trial and error, teamwork, and multiple revisions. When coming up with new designs or product lines, we always ask two questions: Is it Hereafter? Will it bring joy that can last?

    Small Batch Production

    Taking an idea from design to your door is a result of our small team working together, supporting each other, and doing things with care. All of our unique products are made by us in our Los Angeles studio, inspired by the beautiful California landscape, the relationships we hold most dear, and the vibrancy of the creative community that makes our city spectacular.

    Woods are sourced from certified, sustainable forests here in the U.S. using like-minded vendors to ensure our products are built with equal parts quality, workmanship, and social responsibility. Non-wood items are made using natural papers, inks, and renewable materials whenever they are available.


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    Using primarily organic and sustainable materials with designs inspired by love, we create gifts and joy that will be cherished long after the occasion for giving has passed.