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    What We Do

    Our goal is to inspire more love and reflection in our everyday experiences.

    We create beautiful wooden gifts and keepsakes that help you express your love, thought, and care. Our products are inspired by the range of life’s experiences, from the little everyday moments to the most joyous milestones. Made from sustainably forested American-grown hardwoods, each piece is unique in its grain pattern and adds warmth to your space as you display it for years to come. We hope these pieces help you connect with the ones you love, becoming a part of your stories as you fill them with meaning and memories.


    About Yvonne

    I created Hereafter in 2012, starting with a single wooden greeting card. This card was a way for me to express my love in a way that I couldn’t distill into words. At the time, I was working in finance and struggled to find joy and meaning in my work. I started making cards on nights and weekends, selling my first designs at local craft fairs.

    The last decade has been a journey of self-discovery, challenges, and evolution. Through it all, I have continued to express parts of myself through Hereafter. As I did with my first card years ago, I share our uplifting pieces in the hopes that they will spark love, joy, and connection for you and the ones you love.

    With Love,

    Yvonne Leung

    Our Team

    Yvonne Leung

    “The Free Spirit”

    Favorite Childhood Keepsake: My ice skating videos when I was around 6. When my hands were cold, I did my entire routine with fists. I need to find those old VHS tapes and make copies of them!


    Eva Leung

    Creative Director
    “The Tastemaker”

    Favorite Childhood Keepsake: A baby blanket that my mom made. It's so simple, especially compared to the intricate quilts she now makes, but it immediately reminds me of my childhood. I'd love to pass it down someday.


    Jasmine Meza

    Operations Associate
    “The Cat Lady”

    Favorite Childhood Keepsake: A photo album my mom put together with pictures from my childhood. There are pictures from my mom's baby shower to some of my early birthdays.


    Michelle Cai

    Sales Associate & Office Manager
    “The Boba Buff”

    Favorite Childhood Keepsake: I'm a hoarder of sentimental items so it’s hard to pick. I’ve saved every letter, birthday card, stuffed animal, cheesy matching friendship jewelry from Claire's, and yearbook I've ever gotten from preschool through high school!


    Norma Cotzajay

    Production Lead
    “The Mama Bear”

    Favorite Childhood Keepsake: My only childhood keepsake is a photograph my father gifted me. It’s a picture of me when I was about 2 years old.

    Our Values
    1. 01.

      Create warmth and build connections.

      As a company, we hope to inspire more love, connection, and reflection. Within our team, this means creating an environment which fosters warmth, connection, support, and space for differing ideas. With our customers and partners, we aim to build meaningful, lasting connections. By nurturing this type of connection, we hope we help create more of the world we would all like to see.

    2. 02.

      Stay curious and keep growing.

      Curiosity keeps life interesting! It is a wonderful opportunity for reflection, learning, and growth. We encourage curiosity about what we do, those we interact with, and how we can continue to evolve over time.

    3. 03.

      Think holistically.

      We are all interconnected much more than we understand or appreciate on a moment-to-moment basis. Our thoughts and actions touch people near and far and impact the earth, wildlife, air, water, and our futures. For us, this is a reminder of our interdependence and interconnectedness and to take a big-picture, long-term view on how we choose to move in the world.

    Our Materials

    The Natural Beauty of Wood

    There’s no material quite like wood. The unique grain pattern of each piece of wood tells a story and brings life and character to our products. While we work with materials like paper and clay as well, we always come back to the lasting beauty and warmth that wood adds to a home.

    Sustainably Forested

    Our wood comes from hardwood forests in the Appalachian and Cascade Mountains that are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). We acknowledge that we make physical goods, but hope to encourage more thoughtfully chosen gifts that are meant to last.

    Our Process

    From our sketchbook to your hands

    Each of our products starts with a concept, going through many steps before making it to you. We work with talented illustrators, designers, and hand letterers to bring our ideas to life and produce them in small batches in our LA studio.


    Giving Back

    As a small business, we believe it's important to do little things because the little things add up.