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    If there’s one thing we love celebrating, it’s love. Did you know some of our very first designs when we started our company were Valentine’s cards? That means we’re in a pretty great mood these days as Valentine’s approaches, and we’re excited to share some beautiful new designs for the occasion. Special thanks to our guest designers, Chloe White and Elisa Wong, who guest-designed these pieces! 

    Cards that say it best, and last…

    engraved wooden card with "Adventure"

    Life is an Adventure with You

    Share your sense of exploration and adoration for your favorite travel companion with a handcrafted wooden card inspired by the very woods you love to explore together. It’s the perfect memento to celebrate life’s greatest adventures together, forever! 

    engraved cards with birds & text

    I Carry Your Heart

    Now as a card, these beautiful words from e.e. cummings show that love is always a promise. Show the depth of your love with this laser cut wooden card that is as everlasting as your romance.

    Customize your gifts with extra love this year! Add a personal, engraved message on the back of your cards & keepsake boxes. Click through for details.  

    engraved wooden card in script

    Loving You is my Favorite Thing

    In the end, it’s simple really: Your beloved is your favorite! Say it with charming simplicity this Valentine’s with a card as longlasting as your love. 

    engraved wooden card with quotation

    Beyond the Stars

    Loved ones are the center of our universe and always will be. This keepsake card will remind them of the distances your love will go, through the years, until forever. 

    These cards are specially designed by Chloe White. Visit her on Instagram for more of her work! 

    Keepsake Boxes for your memories together…

    engraved, wooden keepsake box with quotation

    Sun Moon Stars

    What better way to show your love than with a keepsake box dedicated to your memories together? This new handcrafted keepsake box is laser-cut to tell your special someone that your love is greater than the cosmos. 

    engraved wooden keepsake box with love quote

    You Make My Heart Bloom  

    Love cultivates the most beautiful parts of you. Our loved ones are often the spark for that magical growth. Show them exactly how much their love has helped you flourish with this artisan keepsake box. Each flower laser cut into the wooden lid is in various points of blooming to show that your love only has more room to grow.

    These new keepsake boxes are guest designed by Elisa Wong. Visit her site for more of her creative work! 

    Cheers to making this a Valentine’s to always remember! Questions about keepsake gifts & customization? Contact us - we’re always happy to share the love! 

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