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    For over 150 years wood has been the symbol and inspiration to celebrate the five-year wedding anniversary. Wood stands as a symbol for durability, wisdom, and deeply rooted connection. Not only is it a sustainable, natural material, but its beauty is multi-faceted with uniquely elegant wood grain as well as its ability to be carved, etched or sculpted. In any shape or form, it is hard to deny the thoughtfulness and beauty that a gift of a wooden keepsake radiates on your fifth anniversary.

    The deeply-rooted tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries through gift-giving rose to popularity in Victorian Era England. This time period marked an important social change in which marriages transitioned into partnership based on romance and courtship rather than a formal agreement for passing on familial wealth. Anniversaries were no longer simply to mark the passing of time but an occasion to celebrate the obstacles overcome, to relish in the beauty of the present day, and to look forward to the growth and deepened connection in years to come. 

    Much like a well-tended relationship, wooden objects only become more beautiful and sentimental over the passing of time. With love and great care, wooden pieces become more durable, deepen in richness and color tone while building unique character and charm with age. Because of its enduring nature, wooden keepsakes often become heirloom pieces that can pass along to each new generation.

    We are passionate about the beauty and sustainability of timeless wooden keepsakes at Hereafter. Each of our products are thoughtfully crafted and designed to become a treasure and a symbol of you and your loved one's enduring love and connection. Our romantic and timeless designs are crafted from sustainably sourced American hardwood. They are impeccably crafted and thoughtfully designed with the ability to be customized to immortalize your wedding date, a favorite memory, or an intimate personal message. Below are some of our favorite gifts to give in celebration of the fifth wooden anniversary.

    Personalized Wood Keepsake Box

    wooden keepsake box is a sentimental way to celebrate your relationship’s past, present, and future. Each of these beautiful designs can be customized with a personal message to create a truly unique gift that is sure to show your spouse just how much you care and value their love and connection. Fill it with your favorite memories and sentimental keepsakes to create your own personal time capsule that highlights important moments from your life together. Our wooden keepsake boxes are built to last, so it can seamlessly accompany your marriage becoming a treasured heirloom and symbol of your life together. 

    Personalized Wood Picture Frame

    Immortalize a monumental moment in your married life with a thoughtfully crafted wooden picture frame. While a picture may be worth a thousand words in its own right, sometimes you may need to add a few more for a personal touch. We give you the option to personalize your gift with a sentimental message or the date of your favorite memory for a gift that can inspire warm moments of nostalgia. Each of these modern yet timeless designs have been carefully crafted to become an elegant addition to your home or work space. 

    Wood Anniversary Greeting Cards

    For a simple way to include the 5th Wooden Anniversary tradition to any gift, consider one of our wooden love cards. Whether it is a curated, minimalist approach to gift giving or a playful way to include wood into a larger gift, a wooden greeting card is a delightful way to give a nod to this classic marriage tradition. Like all of our wooden keepsakes, each of our card designs have the option for personalization. Whether you choose to engrave a personal message onto your card or choose to handwrite it yourself, our cards are a thoughtful and charming way to celebrate your 5th anniversary.

    Whether you want to make a big statement or simply give a gentle nod to tradition, there are endless possibilities for choosing a thoughtful five-year anniversary gift. At Hereafter, we pride ourselves on being experts in wooden keepsakes and helping you celebrate momentous occasions. Our designs range from elegant to playful as well as timeless and modern so you have a wide range of options in finding the perfect 5th anniversary gift to symbolize your marriage and loving partnership.

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