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    You’ve meticulously designed every brilliant detail of your special day. It’s been months of planning, from the night of your engagement to the details of your honeymoon. You scoured Pinterest for ideas, created your vision board, and DIYed your heart out. Hours of strategic decision making leads up to watching the vision of your dream wedding come true, and the day is amazing and filled with joy and love. All of the beauty, thought, care, and love that goes into planning a wedding deserves to be preserved and remembered as long as possible. 

    After the excitement of the wedding starts to calm down, it becomes important to find a way to capture and preserve all of those beautiful details of your big day. It needs to be a special piece that’s as memorable as the wedding itself. It should match the style and tone of both your wedding and your married life. And it should be a storage piece meant to be treasured rather than hidden away at the bottom of a closet.

    Hereafter Wooden Personalized Keepsake Box

    A wooden keepsake box is a timeless way to keep these memories on display in your home. Whether you are a modern bride or are more traditional, there are many beautiful designs to suit every style of wedding and home. Keepsake box designs range from botanicals and poetic verses to simple modern script or typography to match your personal style. Each box can be customized to add your wedding date and names or an important note about your love. The keepsake box can be displayed at the wedding itself as decor or as a unique card box.  

    After the wedding day, your keepsake box becomes a beautiful piece to display in your home. Having all of your memories stored in a keepsake box allows you to easily revisit and reminisce about how special your wedding day was. Documenting your first memories together as a married couple should be a fun experience, and keeping a memory box is a simple way to preserve all of the sentimental details from your wedding. A box full of mementos is also a tactile way to share the special day with any children you may have in a way that photos and videos cannot. Its durable design will keep all of your romantic keepsakes in perfect condition so you can revisit them with your partner or kids for many anniversaries to come, feeling like the wedding was just yesterday.

    Here are some ideas on mementos from your wedding day that you can save in your wedding keepsake box:

    • A copy of your wedding vows
    • Your wedding bouquet and boutonniere flowers, dried or pressed 
    • Your wedding guest book filled with notes from your guests
    • Your wedding cake topper
    • Your wedding favors
    • Your wedding program
    • Your save the date and invitations 
    • Polaroids or candid photos taken by your wedding guests
    • Cards from your friends and family
    • A list of the songs on your wedding playlist
    • Photos or mementos from your honeymoon

    The sky’s the limit on how creative you decide to get! The only thing that matters is that whatever you decide to save are things that have meaning for you and your partner. 

    We put a lot of thought and care into each of our wooden keepsake boxes so that they can stand as a beautiful heritage piece in your home for many years to come. Whether you have a tradition of revisiting the items in your keepsake box every anniversary or you’re showing your kids what mom and dad’s wedding was like, these keepsake boxes are built to be as enduring as your love. The wood becomes more beautiful and builds more character with time and care, just like the beautiful marriage you have created.

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