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    Buying a home is a monumental moment in any person’s life. Waking up on closing day is exciting in itself, but imagine the delight of being a new homeowner who receives an incredibly thoughtful gift from their real estate agent once the papers are signed. Giving a unique and practical real estate closing gift not only builds a warmer, more personal connection with your clients, but it encourages lasting client relationships, future deals, referrals, and positive reviews. Closing gifts are often one of the first, if not the very first, housewarming present your clients will receive. The delight and awe of a perfect gift not only makes the moment more memorable, but it also gives them a beautiful keepsake for their homes that will inspire warm memories of your business and the thought and care you put into their new home purchase. 

    The intention of a closing gift shouldn’t solely be focused on marketing and the potential of future deals, it should be focused on building a meaningful connection through the personal touches you add to the home-buying process. When you connect on a deeper level with your clients, the referrals, reviews, or future sales will be a natural result of your kindness and care. So how do you pick the perfect closing gift? We recommend keeping these three things in mind: 

    • Make it Personal - Picking up cues about your client’s interests, style, or favorite things is a great place to get started. Referencing small details from interactions with clients can really help make a lasting impact in finding a unique, individualized gift.  Beyond their simple likes and dislikes, consider giving a personalized gift that has been customized with their name, the closing date, or the address of their new home. Unique and customized gifts show your client that not only are you listening to them, but that you really understand and appreciate them.
    • Make it Practical -Not all gifts are created equal. While everyone loves to receive a present, no one wants their gifts to be set aside in storage collecting dust. Focus on gifts that are practical for everyday use and enjoyment  in your client’s home. A gift or keepsake that is viewed or utilized on a daily basis will continue to inspire an ongoing warm affiliation with the experience of purchasing their home.
    • Keep it Local and Handcrafted - Finding a locally, USA-made gift that supports small businesses in your client’s new neighborhood not only brings an extra level of uniqueness to your closing gift, but it also starts to build your client’s connection to their new community. Additionally, artisanal and boutique vendors tend to have a keen eye both for design and impeccable craftsmanship that your client is sure to be impressed by and appreciate. 

    At Hereafter, we pride ourselves on creating beautifully designed, personalized gifts that are crafted from sustainable American hardwood in our sunny Los Angeles studio. Each keepsake we create is thoughtfully designed to be a beloved fixture in your client’s household for many years to come and will blend seamlessly with their personal home decor. While we have many designs to choose from that will match the personal style and interests of each of your clients, you can also create a unique gifting experience by personalizing their keepsake with their name or family’s name, purchase year, or their new address to make a gift that is specifically unique to them. While all of our products are excellent client gifts, here are our favorites that make impressive and meaningful buyer closing gifts:

    Customized Keepsake Boxes - Our keepsake boxes are built to capture memories and memorabilia in your client’s life. Each wooden box is beautifully crafted with laser cut designs that range from timeless to modern. Each of these pieces can be customized for your client so that it is a beautiful heritage piece to capture memories they will make in their new home. Personalized keepsake boxes are a beautiful and sentimental way to celebrate this life milestone.
      Personalized Wood Keepsake Box
      Personalized Picture Frames -Capture all of the emotion and celebration of the purchase process and closing day with the gift of a modern, laser cut frame. Each of these thoughtful designs were created to seamlessly blend into your client’s home and complement their personal style. The simple metal clip detail makes it easy for your client to update photos in this frame as they continue to build beautiful memories in their new home. 

        Hereafter Wood Picture Frame

        Whether you are going for a wow moment with a personalized keepsake box or a more subtle approach with a customized wooden frame, the most important part of selecting the best real estate gift is giving it a personal touch. Each of our wooden keepsakes make for a thoughtful gift and become a beautiful conversation starter in their home decor. Every time one of your clients sees their gift on display, they will be forever reminded of the excitement of buying their home and will be endlessly appreciative of your support in getting them there.

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