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    Etsy seller Emma Skumautz Adams is an artist and designer living in Minneapolis. In 2018, Emma started Fox & Fables as a passion project to jumpstart her creative drive and over the years has built it into a career. 

    This spring, we worked with Emma on a set of Woodland Animal Wood Ornaments which depict our favorite woodland animals doing various winter activities. Emma perfectly captured the nostalgia of childhood winter memories in this new collection. We hope you find joy in decorating with them this winter or in gifting them to someone who’d love them!

    Hereafter: What was your design process and/or inspiration for the pieces you made for Hereafter?  

    Emma: After brainstorming with Eva & Christy, we came up with some general ideas that we thought would work and coordinate well with the other products that Hereafter creates. I was inspired by the brand’s use of sustainable wood, the company’s story & mission helped me to design a whimsical and outdoorsy themed collection.

    Hereafter: Could you walk us through your illustration process, from the initial sketch phase to the final product?

    Emma: The fun part! After deciding on the animals we’d like to feature, I had to think about what winter themed activity would make the most sense for each animal (a fishing bear, for example). I came up with several rough sketches to propose and we narrowed it down to 6 total designs. I used a drawing pad to create the final illustrations from the sketches and then digitized them for product sampling. After some trial and error, we perfected the designs together and I think the ornaments turned out great!  

    Hereafter: What did you love about creating this set of designs, or love the most about a specific design in particular?

    Emma: I was immediately excited about this project when Hereafter reached out to me. I love drawing animals, especially with some elements of fantasy. It felt like the perfect fit! It’s hard to pick a favorite because I really love them all. I love the bunny with skis because skiing is one of my favorite things to do during Minnesota winters! I also really love the mouse roasting a marshmallow because it is so unique.


    Hereafter: Were any of them particularly challenging? If so, why was it difficult?

    Emma: I think the most challenging design was the hedgehog drinking hot cocoa. It’s one of those moments where you can picture the design clearly in your head, but have difficulty translating it. Getting the hedgehog in a position to be holding a mug, and have the design still be readable took some extra time for development. Very happy with how it came out!

    Hereafter: What are your favorite aspects of being an artist and designer?  

    Emma: I am so happy to be able to create art everyday! I really believe that art inspires happiness and human connection, and I love being able to share that with people. It’s inspiring to connect with someone through my work and keeps me motivated!

    Hereafter: Where can we follow your work online? How can viewers stay tuned to your latest updates?

    Emma: I am most active on my social platforms, you can find me at @foxandfables on both Instagram and TikTok for updates and latest projects! 😊

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