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    Hi friends,

    One of my favorite days of the year is when we spring forward and magically get another hour of sunshine. Do I like losing an hour of sleep? Definitely not. Unlike my sister Yvonne who wakes up at the crack of dawn to surf, I'm not an early riser! But the later sunset does so much to lift my mood. For me, it's the unofficial start of spring each year.

    With spring in full swing, my houseplants are sprouting new leaves after months of being dormant. Like a proud plant parent, I've been watching baby leaves pop up and am always surprised at how quickly they grow. This week, my rubber tree (Ficus Tineke for the plant nerds) finally sprouted two new leaves. I thought it was a goner last year when, during a move, I forgot to water it for many, many days 😬 . With a lot of patience and I'm sorrys, it looks like it's back on track!

    I often give plants as gifts or buy one for myself as a little treat. If you can keep it alive, it's a gift that keeps on giving (read:propagation 101). These perfect living gifts are what inspired our first plant pick collection last spring. Today, we're introducing a new collection with more plant puns and words of affection. We hope they make you giggle or think of someone they'd be perfect for.


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