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    Corporate gifting is always done with the best intentions for celebrating important life events, but many of these traditional corporate gifts have a tendency to be generic or covered in corporate branding. While there is a place for classic gifts and company-branded swag, many special occasions and personal milestones call for more special, thoughtful gifts that show authentic appreciation. At Hereafter, we are passionate about creating beautifully designed keepsakes that can be customized with a thoughtful message or important memory to create a truly unique gifting experience. Showing appreciation to clients, employees, or co-workers with a personalized gift helps build more authentic, lasting connections by showing you are invested in supporting both their professional and personal life. 

    There are many occasions to celebrate clients or employees with a customized keepsake. From employee appreciation gifts to celebrating a client’s wedding or new baby, here are some of our favorite ways to bring a personal touch and deeper connection with corporate gifting: 

    Custom Keepsake Boxes

    Personalized Wood Keepsake Box

    A tastefully designed keepsake box crafted from beautiful hardwood is an elegant way to celebrate life’s greatest milestones. Created to fill with their cherished memories and personal treasures, our custom keepsake boxes can be personalized to commemorate milestones such as a client’s wedding, newborn baby, or retirement. It also makes for a thoughtful real estate closing gift that shows just how invested you are in their future as well as their present.

    Custom Journals and Notebooks

    Custom Wood Journal Notebook

    Our large array of modern wooden journal designs allow you to pair a thoughtfully selected design with a personalized message to create a truly unique gift. A customized notebook is a great way to welcome a newly hired employee to the onboarding process, show employee appreciation, or give to new customers. Our notebooks are as beautiful as they are practical for the recipient’s everyday life.

    Custom Picture Frames

    Personalized Wood Picture Frame

    Personalized wooden photo frames are a beautiful way to show your appreciation to clients or employees through displaying the cherished memories from their greatest life events.  Our frames feature modern designs and can be customized for all of life’s special occasions. They are also a thoughtful way to thank alumni or donors as a beautiful addition to their home or office decor.

    Custom Ornaments

    Custom Wood Ornaments

    Our laser cut wooden ornaments feature designs that range from whimsical to traditional with the option to personalize them with a custom message. Bring corporate holiday gifting to the next level with beautiful personalized designs that look just as at home in their holiday decor next to heritage ornaments as it does their child’s Christmas crafts. These unique and beautifully designed ornaments feature timeless designs that can be displayed from year to year.

    Each of our products are carefully crafted with beautiful designs that will bring a smile to your client, employee, or partner’s face and blend seamlessly into their home or office space. Thoughtful, customized gifting shows the recipient that you connect with them on a personal and a professional level. Making the choice to take things a little more personally with corporate gifting will help build stronger, longer-lasting relationships by creating more intimate connections with the recipient. Employees, clients, and partners feel more invested in a company that truly values them as an entire individual with a full personal and professional life. Each of their life milestones can be made more memorable through mindful, customized corporate gifting. So for your next gifting occasion, consider making it personal.

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