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    I started Hereafter as a side hustle after feeling unfulfilled in my finance job. Initially, I worked nights and weekends using a laser printer that I rented out by the hour. Eventually, I moved back in with my parents, working out of their garage. As business picked up, I moved into a studio and hired my first employee. One thing kept leading to another and now Hereafter is 9 years old!

    The past few years have been eye-opening and transformative. It's becoming clearer to me what I want Hereafter to be. Over the past year, with the help of my creative director (and sister), Eva, and business coach, Holly Howard, I've taken some much needed time to revisit our company values and articulate what we care about. I started making wooden greeting cards because I wanted to express my love for others in ways that I couldn’t quite do with words. I hope Hereafter can help do this for you too.

    Our Values 

    Hereafter isn’t just a business but an extension of me. As such, our 3 driving values are to:

    1. Create warmth and build connections with our customers, partners, and within our team
    2. Stay curious and keep growing because it’s the key to our evolution. Not to mention it keeps life interesting!
    3. Think holistically since our thoughts and actions affect more than just us.

    Meet Our Team 

    While we have grown beyond what I could have imagined, we're still a small business. Our small team develops, makes, packages, and ships the products that we hope become a part of your life’s story. We make our pieces with care in our Los Angeles studio.

    Since Hereafter is all about keepsakes, we asked each team member what their favorite childhood keepsake is, and here's what they said:

    Meet Our Team

    We’ve been reworking our About Us page on our website every few years but I thought sharing our values and team deserved its own special newsletter. Hopefully you’ve gotten a better sense of who I mean when I say the Hereafter team from now on!

    Thank you for supporting our small business and allowing us to be a part of your lives! ︎♥︎

    With love, 

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