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    In the corporate atmosphere, typical team building exercises aren’t traditionally activities that elicit excitement and engagement. Many attempts for team building have a tendency to feel overly competitive or inauthentic, which tends to create greater distances rather than deeper bonds. What if there were new opportunities to connect with employees and peers that encourage creative thinking and light-hearted interaction as well as mindfulness? 

    Creative team building exercises have a variety of benefits for workplace dynamics. Not only do they encourage creative thinking and problem solving, but they also create a non-competitive atmosphere that reinforces relaxation, self-care, and a low-stress way to connect with peers and leadership alike. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to be artistic, so creative team building exercises are a great way to connect with each other and find the beauty in everyone’s differing perspectives.

    Desert Collage Art Kit

    Get your team’s creative wheels turning with our new Paper Cut Collage Art Kits. Taking time to foster stronger connections with your coworkers should be an enjoyable activity that takes place outside of the typical corporate day in the office. Our Collage Art Kits were crafted as an activity that helps spark creative thinking as well as encourage self-care and mindfulness while offering an opportunity to unplug from the distractions of a hectic work day. Giving employees the opportunity to focus on a tactile project helps them to disconnect from the distractions around them and focus on artistic skills they may not get to use on a daily basis at work.

    Art Kit Box

    Our paper cut collage art kits were designed to help people slow down, tap into their creativity, and reconnect with themselves as well as their coworkers. Anyone can create a beautiful piece of art! These art kits were inspired by the simple joy and beauty of Matisse’s cut-out artwork and enable any user to create something beautiful and whimsical. We have four kits that are inspired by the beauty of natural landscapes: deserts, forests, mountains, and the ocean. Each of these kits includes thoughtfully designed, organic pre-cut shapes with a unique color scheme, backing paper, and sheets of colored cardstock so each creator also has the opportunity to add their own creative spin to their piece of art.

    Framed Ocean Art

    At the end of your team building event or meeting, each person will have created unique artwork. Whether you choose to create a landscape or go completely abstract, each artistic collage is a fun representation of each employee and the relaxing time they were able to spend with their team. The collages can create a unified artistic statement in the office or be a playful addition to their home or office decor.

    If you are looking for a novel way to encourage team building and connection, consider including some creativity in your next corporate event or workshop! Whether in person, or virtual as a Zoom activity, working on a creative project together is a beautiful way to create deeper connections while breaking up the typical work day and disconnecting from daily distractions.

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