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    One of our customers, Candice, shared such a sweet, creative way to welcome a new baby that we had to share it with you. Candice ordered our Storybook Custom Keepsake Box as a gift for her friend’s newborn baby girl. She had us engrave the baby’s first and middle names, then the words “birthday letters” beneath that. What are birthday letters, we wondered?

    Hereafter Modern Hand Lettering Large Wood Custom Keepsake Box

    Turns out, Candice’s friends had asked their closest friends and family to each write a letter to their daughter to read on a future birthday. Each loved one could pick any age from one to 18-years-old and write a letter that she would open on her birthday that year. Candice gifted her friends with a personalized keepsake box so that she would have a special place to store all of her letters.

    Hereafter Sunrays Personalized Custom Keepsake Box

    We love how unique, beautiful, and sentimental this idea is to welcome a new baby with future birthday letters from the people who love you most. Their words of encouragement, advice, and love are a priceless gift that she’ll cherish forever.

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