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    They say October is a rare month and it’s true. The shift in nature and within ourselves is so palpable. Do you find yourself in a nostalgic mood with the scent of autumn leaves in the air? Do you find yourself remembering other autumns of the past, who you were then, and reflecting on all that transpired in between? 

    If you resonate with these sentiments, you’re not alone. We’re totally with you, and fascinatingly, there’s a very real, organic reason for these inward leanings. Nature itself turns inward during the autumn season, downshifting toward the darker days of winter’s regeneration. Though we may miss those long summer days, these cozier times invite us to lean in and enjoy the hours with our loved ones, self-care moments for ourselves, and foster an overall sense of calm--so needed! More hygge, more intimacy, less stress. 

    And really, who doesn’t love sweater weather...with a pumpkin-spiced latte in hand? #notsorry! 


    In so many ways, the gifts we create at Hereafter also represent this coming back to homebase and taking time to cherish loved ones and our stories. They’re gifts to be held, appreciated, and remembered. We lovemaking things people want to give and receive, strengthening the connections that are important in our lives.

    So now that we’ve established that we’re in love with autumn’s nostalgic, hygge vibe, tell us--what are your favorite parts about fall? What “autumn rituals” make you feel calmed & renewed?

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