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    Handmade Keepsake Box

    There’s nothing tricky about our handcrafted, sustainable designs. Quality is always at the heart of our work, because it’s such a treat to create products that celebrate cherished moments. 

    Hereafter beganwith a simple idea: a unique wooden card, made to last. The idea took off at local craft fairs, then online. The encouragement we felt during those first few years convinced us that something started on hope and possibility could become a sustainable business built on connection and meaning. Sincerely, what atreatis has been. 

    Every design we create begins with a hand drawn sketch, then is produced with care from start to finish at our Los Angeles studio. From the certified sustainable U.S. wood sourced to the leather & paper, we use ethical materials because we want our products to last, and help the environment last too--no tricks! 

    We’re delighted that so many of our favorite designs have become yours too. This season, treat your loved ones and yourself to our bestselling products.

    Succulents store resources for the long haul, and you can use the pages of our Succulent Journal to store the inspiration that sustains your dreams. Taking time for #selfcare & self reflection is a treat we all need in our daily routine. 

    Our loved ones are the sweetness to life. And commemorating those special mementos is the sweetest as time goes by. Carry your sweetheart’s love with this beautiful keepsake box, engraved in the perfect words of e.e.cummings.

    This season, we also have some new designs we’re excited about! Get into the holiday spirit with these treats: 

    Our Otter Ornaments are not only adorable, but also symbolic of the bond between loved ones. Otters sleep holding hands so they don’t drift away from each other. *sigh* Enjoy these cuties this holiday!

    Go ahead, treat yourself and your friends to this fun, beautiful wine box. 'Tis the season for some more wine--cheers!

    Shop these and more to share the gift of handmade joy. 

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