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    Hello friends!

    It's a big year for weddings, partly because so many were postponed the first two years of the pandemic. Around 2.5 million weddings will take place in 2022, the highest number we've seen since 1984!

    My own wedding plans had to change because of the pandemic. Before getting engaged in April 2020, I had envisioned a small destination celebration in Bali. Instead, a year and a half later, my husband Matt and I got married at the courthouse on a hot September afternoon. After romantically paying the fee with a credit card, followed by a 3 minute ceremony, we were married! Afterwards, Yvonne, our mom, our sister Elice, Matt's kids, and the two of us had a delicious dinner. A few weeks later, Matt and I exchanged vows, just the two of us (and a photographer), in the mountains of Utah where my parents had gotten married 40 years earlier. 

    No matter what it ends up looking like, weddings are a celebration of love and partnership. Whether you're attending a wedding this year or are planning your own, check out our wedding collection for timeless keepsakes. We have pieces that you can personalize to celebrate your big day or your wedding party. Or create a touching gift for the happy couple that will become a part of their home and their life together. We're always happy to help you find the perfect gift that makes a lasting impression or create something special for your own wedding. Please send us a note if you need advice, have questions, or just want to say hi!


    Keepsake Boxes

    Hereafter Personalized Keepsake Box

    Create a special place to keep photos, vows, cards, and other wedding day mementos. We can now engrave a message on the inside lid of our Personalized Keepsake Boxes.

    Personalized Guest Books

    Hereafter Personalized Wedding Guest Books

    Customize any one of our four Guest Books to capture all the well wishes and words of advice from your guests. Having a guest book to flip through is a fun and sentimental way to relive the day through the eyes of your dearest friends and family.


    Hereafter Personalized Wood Photo Frames

    Paired with a treasured memory, our picture frames are a unique gift for an engagement, the bridal party, or even as day-of bride and groom gifts. If you’re getting one for yourself, showcase your favorite engagement or wedding photo to remember the special day.

    Wedding Vow Art

    Hereafter Wedding Vow Art

    After spending so much time writing your vows, you don’t want to tuck them away never to be seen again. Celebrate those sacred words by turning them into art that you can display and remind yourself of, every day.

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