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    The joy and excitement of a newborn baby is a whirlwind that begins with pregnancy, the triumph of their birthday, and continues to grow through the rest of your life. So much detail and preparation goes into preparing for a baby from receiving your first sonogram, to the baby shower, and time just seems to accelerate in the hectic schedule of new parenthood and child rearing. With so many special moments that go into growing your beautiful family, a baby keepsake box is a perfect solution to preserve your child’s mementos, photos, and trinkets.

    Hereafter Wood Newborn Keepsake Box

    Each of our baby keepsake boxes are beautifully crafted from American hardwood and can be customized with your little one’s name, birthday, or a special note for them to find in the future. Each keepsake was designed to be a beautiful piece of decor in your nursery and the beautiful wood naturally ages and builds character, growing and developing just as your child does. Baby boxes are a thoughtful way to capture all of the beautiful details leading up to their birth as well as the groundbreaking moments as they grow from newborn, to toddler, to school-age, and beyond.

    Revisiting mementos, milestones, and photos is a wonderful way to cherish memories with your loved ones and take a walk down memory lane with your children. These sentimental keepsakes archive and safeguard beloved memories, and they become a heartfelt gift as your little birds leave the nest and journey into adulthood. The long-lasting nature of these gorgeous wooden boxes transforms them into family heritage pieces that your child may share with their own growing family as they continue through life.

    Thinking about what to include in a baby box can be overwhelming. There are so many groundbreaking moments within pregnancy, the newborn stage, and beyond. Below you will find some of our favorite mementos to keep in your baby box:

    • Their ultrasound photos
    • The baby shower invitation or a birth announcement card
    • Their baby book filled with important dates and moments in their growth and development
    • Your baby’s first tooth or a lock of hair from their first haircut
    • The outfit your child wears home from the hospital
    • Their newborn hospital bracelet
    • Your favorite pair of their baby shoes or their favorite rattle or binky
    • Their favorite stuffed animal
    • Their first baby blanket
    • Photos of milestone moments throughout their childhood

    Hereafter Wood Baby Keepsake Box

    As your child grows, you can continue to capture important life moments for your child to recollect and recall beautiful memories later on in life such as:

    • A medal from their first sports team
    • A program from their first school play
    • The invitation or a photo from their first school dance
    • The college acceptance letter from their dream college
    • Sentimental letters you write to be read on future milestone birthdays and life events

    The possibilities are as boundless and exciting as your newborn’s future! Your baby’s keepsake box is the place where you can document where your child has been and celebrate what makes them such a perfect and unique child. As the years go on and your child grows into an adult, this keepsake box will inspire sweet childhood nostalgia and all of the warm memories you have shared as a family.

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